Celebrating Women in Security with the AWSN

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Cybersecurity is a top global priority and will continue to escalate over time. Alongside the urgency to strengthen an organisation’s readiness to combat cyber risks, is the long-debated topic of the cybersecurity gender gap.
Women and those who identify themselves as female make up half our population. However, it is found that women comprise less than 15% of the cybersecurity workforce in Australia. CTRL Group take on the challenge to increase women’s representation in cybersecurity by partnering with the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN).

CTRL Group Connecting Female Companions in the Industry

At CTRL Group, the key to growth is to surround ourselves with and connect with our peers and facilitate mutual-learning and benefiting opportunities. This partnership was kickstarted with a series of workshops facilitated for the driven members at the AWSN.

“Pioneering the cybersecurity industry is at the heart of CTRL Group’s mission; to do that our team must drive change and break barriers. AWSN and CTRL’s partnership speaks to CTRL’s continued focus to breed an equal and diverse community. Providing industry insights, mentorship and guidance, and above all else opportunity.”

– Steve Williams, CEO and Founder of CTRL Group

This is only one of many initiatives to come in the fruitful partnership of CTRL Group and the Australian Women in Security Network.

Cybersecurity Solutions Calls for Diversity of Thought and Collaboration

As cybercriminals become increasingly creative with their tactics, the diversity of thought becomes ever more critical in solving complex cybersecurity problems. Why diversity? Because diversity instils creativity, flexibility and perspective.
A robust cybersecurity function requires a strong understanding of the business and the ability to influence and effectively interpret cybersecurity risks, costs and benefits. An even more powerful cybersecurity function includes people with different backgrounds who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences, which leads to problems being solved more creatively.

CTRL Group are here to make a difference. Our rebrand encapsulates the wider plan of working with the cybersecurity community in Australia: Empower. Elevate. Excel.

Empowering those with information security responsibilities. Elevating aspiring companions in the industry. Ultimately, excelling together.



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