CTRL Group - Cyber Advisory and Data Risk Assessment

CTRL are
proudly certified
by CREST International.

Cyber Advisory

  • Elevate your security polices, processes and procedures while meeting strategic business objectives.
  • Evaluate your cyber risk exposure for effective decision-making and risk mitigation.
  • Identify risks most relevant to your organization, unique to your industry and network environment to understand the potential harm they pose to your business.
  • Build market confidence for adequate risk management while meeting regulatory pressures.
  • Provide assurance to board and other stakeholders that security risk management is of utmost importance.

Cyber Advisory Services

Cyber Strategy Consulting

Shaping and enhancing
cybersecurity’s role in your organisation’s growth

Data Risk Assessment

Risks and control remediations prioritised and road mapped in the context of data sensitivity


High level assessment of control implementation to identify exposures against the top 10 threats in Australia

Gap Assessment

Examination of current versus required states between your organisation and a given certification or legislation

Standard Implementation

Support in implementing controls, IT and business processes to comply with standards, certifications or regulations

Policy Uplift

Drafting security rules for staff to support meeting the security requirements and expectations of key business stakeholders

Third Party Management Uplift

Review of the risk management checks surrounding third parties who process, store, or access your data

Third Party
Risk Assessment

Assessments of third parties who process, store or access your data as a part of service delivery

Risk Partner

Any combination of above
risk services leveraging the support of
over 40 cybersecurity subject matter experts in various fields

M&A Cyber Diligence

Make informed and confident investment and divestment decisions to optimise business value

Benefits of Cyber Advisory

CTRL Group - Enhanced cyber resilience

Identify security concerns
and enhancements in business strategy, products
and services.

Support and advise holistic security risks to enable business and growth objectives to be realised.

Assist in maintaining compliance with standards throughout the year, control support and evaluation.


What services does cyber advisory entail?

Any risk offering including risk assessments, incident response, policy uplift, third party assessments, gap assessments and more.

Is feedback and expertise strictly within the risk management area?

CTRL are comprised of over 40 cybersecurity SME’s, the core teams of Penetration Testing, Risk Operations Centre and the risk department all work together providing mutual support where needed. Should issues fall more into the realms of the other teams, you will benefit from their expert knowledge as well.

What happens if I'm breached?

Cyber advisory’s core purpose is to reduce the scope and extend the time between incidents.
The quality of incident handling is directly linked to the investment and management of security controls within an organisation supported by a thought-out plan and a dedicated response team.

What if I require more support earlier on?

CTRL’s Risk Retainer model is flexible in how unused support in one month can be drawn down on another month. Likewise, should an organisation need a significant uplift or support earlier on CTRL will draw down on hours from the later months.