Cyber Compliance - CTRL Group

CTRL are proudly
ISO27001 certified.

Governance, Risk
and Compliance

  • External validation of the efficacy of internal security processes and procedures, accompanied by data-driven advice and implementation support.
  • Align your organisation with best-practice global standards and regulations and achieve a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s security maturity.
  • Ensure and prioritise the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information stored, processed, and transferred.
  • Achieve, maintain, and prove compliance with industry standards and benchmarks.

Cyber Compliance Services


Preserve customer trust
and security of
cardholder data

ISO 27001

Protect assets from accidental loss, compromise, or destruction against an international standard

CPS 234

Go digital with confidence
in financial services for
APRA-regulated entities

Essential 8

Achieve baseline mitigation
defences against adversary
tradecraft and targeting


Apply the government’s Information Security Manual to protect your information and systems from
cyber threats


Insulate your operations
against the Victorian Protective
Data Security Framework

Identity and Access Management

Prime your IT security and data management policies and ensure appropriate access for users


Identify the true scope
and defend the
payment environment


Improve your cybersecurity risk management by aligning with international standard

Benefits of Cyber Compliance

Support you in maintaining an accredited information security management system.

Align your current practices with industry best standards, identifying gaps and planning to close those gaps within the context of your organisation.

Signal and demonstrate
your cyber maturity to stakeholders with externally
verified frameworks.


There are so many regulations out there. Which one should I comply with?

When assisting a client in choosing the correct framework to align with, the business case is always considered. it’s not securities abroad concern, and an organisation is looking for a risk informed approach CTRL recommend considering a data risk assessment first to identify and begin closing significant gaps.
If there’s a need to demonstrate secure practices to customers or other third parties, we recommend going through an ISO 27001 gap assessment as it provides impartial assurance of security best practices to outside entities.

Should there be a desire to internally benchmark your organisation at regular intervals ASD’s Essential 8 or NIST’s CSF are recommended as strong controls baselines to mature and develop.

How long does implementation for the typical certification take?

Developing a mature information security management system does take time. Organisations must embed security into multiple IT and business processes, as well as ensure they take a risk-informed approach when it comes to implementation and management of security controls.
Certification timelines are strongly dependent on the type of certifications, the scope of the company, its business context, and the scope of the security management system. Large organisations can take several years to adapt their processes, follow them and audit on an ongoing basis. Smaller organisations can look more on the scale of months depending on their existing maturity and goals.
For all organisations however, security is an ongoing journey, plans should be implemented with goals outlined for the next 6 to 18 months.