Cyber Risks Facing Education Sector – EdSmart Partners with CTRL Group

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Australian schools are increasingly susceptible to cyber threats posed by opportunistic actors. This prevalence of cyber risks calls for a partnership with a global EdTech provider, EdSmart, to deliver better data security to risks. Ultimately, to stay true on CTRL Group’s mission – pioneering Australia’s Transition to Cyber Excellence.

Strategic Partnership to Combat Cyber Risks in Education Sector

“This partnership is about sharing and exchanging information,” says EdSmart CEO David Eedle. “Schools are considered easy targets by cybercriminals, suggesting too many are lagging behind other organisations in keeping up with data security protocols. Our mission is to facilitate schools in improving their cyber security posture by offering them a well-secured EdSmart platform and by partnering with CTRL Group to share information and knowledge on improved cyber security for schools across-the-board.”

Education Sector Faces Far Greater Cyber Threats

According to research, cyberattacks against the global education sector increased by 29%, and Australia’s education sector is the 4th most targeted in the world compared to other education sectors. On average, Australian education organisations record 4000 attacks per week in 2021. That is, a 17% increase in cyberattacks on the sector in Q12 2021, compared to the previous quarter.

Schools are Data-Rich Gold Mines

The popularising cyberattacks stems from the lack of awareness of cybersecurity best practices and the lack of awareness of the value of the data they store. The wealth of sensitive data and financial information that schools store for students, parents and employees. The same data give way to data theft, as children’s data may facilitate plans for identity theft in a few years.


For those who would like to learn more about cyber threats facing education providers will find it beneficial to read CTRL’s Threat Assessment Report for the Education Industry here. Receive a copy in your inbox by filling out the form below:

CTRL Group Protecting the Wider Education Sector with EdSmart

As part of this partnership, EdSmart and CTRL Group will be distributing information in the form of blog articles, eBooks, webinars, video snippets and social media with school-specific approaches to data and cybersecurity over the coming months. These resources will be disseminated on an ongoing basis to drive data security high in the minds of schools and to encourage dedication in all schools to continuously better cybersecurity.

“CTRL Group are pleased to continue growing our partnership with EdSmart and to provide the education sector with the appropriate services and resources to keep them informed about the industry trends and to complement their ways of operating,” says CTRL Group’s Client Director, Adrian Drury.

“Having two pioneering organisations working together for the betterment of the sector will help schools to take further ownership of their financial and information security and become more resilient to the emerging threats in the theatre of cybercrime.”

For further assistance, please reach out to EdSmart and CTRL Group.