DarkVision by CTRL Group - Measuring your external risk exposure

Gain visibility into
how a hacker views
your organisation

  • Identify and rate your external vulnerabilities.
  • Understand and address basic vulnerabilities.
  • Find leaked data and credentials on the dark web.
  • Determine if a malicious actor has been able to breach your organisation without your knowledge.

Measure your external risk exposure

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Stay Ahead of Hackers

Web Application Scan

A web application scan discovers vulnerabilities an attacker can use to disrupt the businesses’ availability or access sensitive information, informing one’s attack method.

External Scan

An external scan discovers vulnerabilities to determine what information is exposed to the outside world and is often mandatory for compliance requirements.

Dark Web Scan

CTRL leverage multiple breach sources to discover exposed and leaked credentials, and those caused by third parties and/or internal attacks, identifying existing risks.


What does a DarkVision scan provide?

CTRL’s DarkVision scan performs multiple functions and answers the following questions:
– What does your organisation look like to an attacker prospecting their next target?
– Are you perceived as an easy target?
– Has an attacker already breached your organisation without detection by your security or IT teams?
– Is your critical data up for sale on the dark web?
– Are their critical vulnerabilities exposing your organisation to risk right now?

Does a DarkVision scan suffice as a penetration test?

Findings from DarkVision are only an indication of your external risk exposure. The information gathered will inform your organisation of more in-depth penetration tests that need to be conducted to get a comprehensive understanding of your cyber risk exposure.