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Incident Response

  • Investigate, contain, and defeat attacks within critical infrastructures to minimise attack impact.
  • Effective coordination when handling cyber incidents.
  • Clear guidelines on engaging all stakeholders.
  • Ensuring compliance with key regulations and standards.
  • Bolster effective and safe recovery to business-as-usual.

Incident Response Services

Incident Readiness

Uplift through Training, awareness, and assessment of and organisation’s ability to detect escalate and manage a serious security incident

Incident Response

Response, support, investigation, and direction following a major security incident; aiding safe recovery to business-as-usual

Cyber Attack Simulation

Assess your technical capabilities and executive-level actions when responding to cyber-attacks through simulated incident scenarios


Why should my organisation create a cyber incident response plan?

Every moment counts especially during a cyber incident. Rapid detection and meaningful response are critical. Each moment you wait for important decisions or information is a delay in containment and recovery, while the event continues to corrode away your brand reputation and financial performance. Therefore, it is important to be prepared well-ahead of an incident, rather than waiting for after-the-fact activities.

How often should the incident response plan be revised?

With the explosion of cyber threats and threat vectors, a future-proof incident response plan must be frequently updated and improved to reflect an organisation’s ever-changing threat environment and malicious actors’ increasing motivation.
CTRL’s years of experience inform our best-approach in assisting your organisation to contain potential crises. Each thorough review of the IR Plan will help identify blind spots and provide tactical and strategic recommendations to help you respond to a cyber event with confidence. Get in touch with our risk consultants to discuss your needs.

What does an IR plan do after a cybersecurity incident?

While the name might suggest that an incident response plan is only used during one, it is important to note that the purpose of an IR plan exceeds simply preparing an organisation in the event of a breach. An adequately curated incident response plan continues to support for successful litigation, documentation and historical knowledge that channel insights to improve the incident response and risk assessment processes.