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Interpol and the
War on Cybercrime

The war on cyber-crime requires a global connection of organisations to help fight it and Interpol are one of those organisations working to prevent further attacks.

CTRL Group’s Brand Ambassador Bastien Treptel is joined by
Doug Witschi, who leads Interpol’s cybercrime threat response capabilities and cybercrime operations. Learn Doug’s journey from an Australian police officer into Interpol, what he considers new vulnerabilities and concerns and discusses the agendas of cybercriminals.




What You Need to Know About Cyber Insurance – CTRL x AON

Cyber insurance can be a major factor in how your business survives after dealing with a cyber incident. However, due to common misunderstandings, cyber insurance is still an area that businesses have yet to take full advantage of. Chris McLaughlin leads the AON Cyber Solutions Group, working with Michael Parrant who is the Cyber Insurance Practice Leader at AON. Listen to learn more about what cyber insurance actually covers, what the consequences are, and how to make it work for you.


The Rules of Hacking

Hacking has got its dark side, and can also be used for good. CTRL Group’s Brand Ambassador, CTRL Group Bastien Treptel is joined by Skeeve Stevens, the first Australian to go to jail for hacking, to talk about what collaboration needs to happen to protect ourselves online and what new technology he fears the most.





Every Business Should Think Security-First – CTRL x Silver Chain Group

What makes business information insecure and how to shift the mindset of an entire business to achieve a security-first attitude?

Leading security consultant, Jo Stewart-Rattray, clarifies the relationship between information security and cybersecurity and how it relates to business function. She draws on years of experience in psychology, information security, and leading security teams and non-profit organisations across industries.

If attitudinal shifts were achieved with OH&S standards, the same can happen with cybersecurity.


Crypto-Security and blockchain innovations

The popularity of cryptocurrency is beginning to extend beyond bitcoin as more and more banks are getting hacked. But there can be other uses of this technology and how secure is it all? CTRL Group’s Brand Ambassador Bastien Treptel is joined by Jacob Yocom-Piatt, project lead for the Decred Project to discuss the security of your cryptocurrency, and how we could potentially move into a new blockchain voting system.


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