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CTRL are
proudly certified
by CREST International.

Wireless Application Penetration Testing

  • Protect, outmaneuver, and defeat malicious actors through technical testing and strategic simulations.
  • Test your defenses against the best ethical hackers.
  • Evaluate your risk exposure for effective decision making and risk mitigation.
  • Amplify your team's capabilities to respond to real-world cyberattacks.
  • Address weaknesses effectively and with confidence.

Ensure Complete Security

Wireless is ubiquitous and is now the primary way of interacting with your company’s network and assets for employees, visitors, and guests. Being so widespread it is also the easiest entry point to your network and is a valuable target for threat actors attempting to breach your perimeter and gain access to your businesses network.

CTRL’s penetration testers are experts in enterprise wireless security and can assist in identifying weaknesses within your wireless network and work with you in the selection of controls and technologies to reinforce and defend this critical part of your perimeter.

Wireless penetration testing is essential to ensuring that your defensive capabilities and overall security posture aren’t vulnerable leaving your network and data exposed to dedicated threats. Our approach to wireless penetration testing is unique and tailored to each organisation’s environment to obtain an accurate picture on how their crown jewels are stored and managed.

Benefits of conducting wireless penetration tests

Closing the perimeter to prevent unauthorized users or threat actors from beaching the network

Identifying the latest vulnerabilities and defence in depth design patterns to counter them

Prevent the usage of your network to host or launch unauthorised attacks on other businesses


What is wireless penetration testing?

Wireless penetration testing views to validate and verify the selection of authentication and cryptography controls, map out your wireless footprint and instill confidence in the overall network design.

How long do wireless penetration tests take to complete?

Our testers are well versed in wireless technology and can rapidly assess your wireless perimeter in as little as two days.

How does wireless penetration testing integrate into my cyber security?

Part of any mature cyber security program, the perimeter is the number one element to consider when thinking defensively, and as the one of the key components of the perimeter, wireless penetration testing should be a part of any mature audit strategy to complement the findings of any external infrastructure or physical controls audits for a holistic view of your networks external defences.

When should I conduct a wireless penetration test?

Whenever there is a change in the way you utilise or have deployed wireless technologies within your business CTRL also recommend annual wireless penetration testing to keep ahead of the latest exploits being discovered, developed and deployed by threat actors.