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CTRL are
proudly certified
by CREST International.

Penetration Testing

  • Protect, outmaneuver, and defeat malicious actors through technical testing and strategic simulations.
  • Test your defenses against the best ethical hackers.
  • Evaluate your risk exposure for effective decision making and risk mitigation.
  • Amplify your team's capabilities to respond to real-world cyberattacks.
  • Address weaknesses effectively and with confidence.

Penetration Testing Services

Red Teaming

Identify the most hidden gaps before attackers do by testing your controls against the latest attack scenarios, by combining all of the below proactive defense exercises

Cloud Network

Assess and identify vulnerabilities within your cloud presence – existing, multi- or hybrid

Web Application Test

Unearth potential security holes in your software and applications accessible by your staff and beyond via the internet

Mobile Application Test

Reveal vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within iOS and Android mobile applications

Internal Test

Simulate internal threat actors actively attacking your internal infrastructure and critical assets

External Test

Identify and assess potential weaknesses in technology and
people that could be used to disrupt
your organisation

Wi-Fi Test

Determine the security of your Wi-Fi network and protect against
local threat actors

Social Engineering

Test your organisation’s first and last line of defence, your people

OT and SCADA Test

Review and optimise the security of the technical and operational components of your systems

Onsite Test

Evaluate the physical security of your offices or other physical locations
and infrastructure

Benefits of Penetration Test

Assess your resilience against both industry practices and realistic threats

Protect critical assets by pinpointing vulnerabilities in your security systems

Establish a clear understanding and an effective roadmap to further enhance maturity


There are so many different penetration tests. Which one is best suited for my organisation?

CTRL offer a wide range of penetration testing such as cloud networks, web applications, mobile applications, external networks, internal, wireless networks, social engineering, operational testing and more.

Penetration testing arrangements typically differ depending on your organisation’s industry, size, digital footprint, and relevant regulations. To consider which type of penetration testing is best suited for your organisation, chat to CTRL’s security consultants if you’re in doubt.

How often should my organisation conduct a penetration test?

The frequency of conducting a penetration test will differ from organisation to organisation. Some influencing factors include:

– Industry-specific regulations
– How often the environment changes
– Size of the environment and network

Ultimately, the frequency of penetration testing is adjusted to meet the unique needs of the organisation. Testing too infrequently allows for a window that increases an organisation’s risk exposure. On the other hand, if testing is done too frequently, there is inadequate time to remediate before testing resumes. Therefore, CTRL generally recommend penetration testing to be conducted every 6 – 12 months, as well as providing remediation advice.