Questions you should Be asking


Client Challenges CTRL Solve

"I don't have the budget
to achieve my desired
cybersecurity capabilities."
"I need an experienced team to advise me to optimise my cybersecurity operations."
"Security and IT are not the same thing. I can't run both functions and perform consistently."
"I need to develop a strategy with a clear plan of action to improve my security posture."
"I can't address all security risks and scale my business. I need
more bandwidth."
"It is impossible for my team
to monitor the network 24/7
and respond to threats
during BAU hours."

Empower. Elevate. Excel.

CTRL's Five Pillars to Cyber Excellence

Certifications & Accreditations

  • Stay ahead of hackers
  • Identify and rate your external vulnerabilities
  • Find leaked data on the dark web
DarkVision Scan
State of Cyber - CTRL Cybersecurity

State of Cyber

a detailed overview of the cybersecurity threat landscape

  • Discover the latest cybersecurity trends in Asia-Pacific
  • Learn how the latest techniques from hackers may affect you
  • Improve your organisation’s cybersecurity capabilities

Financial Services - Cyber Threat Assessment

deep analysis for financial institutions

  • Key Cyber Risks facing the Financial Services Industry in Australia
  • The Threat Landscape and Key Attack Actors
  • Short- and Medium-term Recommendations

Retail Industry - Cyber Threat Assessment

cyber risk profile and threat analysis for retailers in Australia

  • Key Cyber Risks facing the Retail Industry in Australia
  • Establish a holistic outlook of your hidden dangers
  • Short- and Medium- term Recommendations

Education Sector - Cyber Threat Assessment

Threat Analysis for education providers

  • Key Cyber Risks facing the Education Sector in Australia
  • The Threat Landscape and Key Attack Actors
  • Short- and Medium- term Recommendations

State of Compliance

Prepare for the broadening coverage of regulations on organisations

  • Australian Compliance Landscape and International Operability
  • The Impacts from Increased Cost of Doing Business and Penalties
  • Future Privacy Reforms and The Ransomware Notification Bill

Responding to Cyber Incidents

Strategically respond to a cyber incident

  • Identify your legal and notification obligations during a breach
  • Learn how to prepare for a critical data breach
  • Find key action steps for a safe recovery back to business-as-usual